Rocket Coast: Rework

by Desaturate

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released February 28, 2016

Produced, mixed and mastered by Konsta Leinonen & Joona Muistola
Vocals tracked at Raja
Lyrics by Riku Varis
Artwork by Vilma Rimpelä

Aki Munukka - Bass
Riku Varis - Drums
Matias Laatu - Guitars, Vocals
Konsta Leinonen - Guitars, Vocals, Electronics
Hilma Toivonen - Vocals

Remixed/remastered by Konsta Leinonen in February 2016



all rights reserved


Desaturate Tampere, Finland

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Track Name: Vincent
You've slept way too much
It's time to wake up
Just go outside
And see what the world is like
And you've slept over decades
Here is not where you belong
I know you are lost
In this world of reactions

Surrounding this land now

Coldness is her home now
It's a curse in your blessed name
It's a word in a worthless prayer

You've lived in a cave
But you are awake now
There's no point going back
Your bed is too far
You know there's a place
Near the fall
Maybe the peace of mind
Could be found there

Can you still be human?

Or a caring person?
Track Name: Liquid Red
I've longed to see this rustic scene
Waited for long to have a dream
And I see leeches everywhere
Sappy things and empty stares

I'm drained by all these schemes
And bored by mass production seas
Now there are pieces everywhere
Highlights of a blank round shed

Blush like a shy girl

Lay down, lay now
These skies will drown
As they fall on your head
We'll paint them liquid red

I've died to finally see you leave
Let me be there, let me hand the keys
'Cause this world has it's need
Cut out everything that bleeds beneath

Blush like a shy girl
Would blush
Track Name: Changes?
Seeing through tears
Eyelids forced
Feeling the move
Changing its course

Purple painted ceilings
The walls are leaving
Shadows revealing
What mind is receiving

Never doubt
Never doubt again
Stay here
Where the space ends
In this cage
Forced nil movement
In this maze
No improvement

It just might be there
The payoff line
Has someone seen where
They hid the shrine

Purple painted ceilings
Goodbye, I'm leaving
Shadows revealing
No more receiving

Never doubt
Never doubt again
Stay here
With the changes
In this cage
Forced nil movement
In this maze
No improvement
Track Name: Fulfilled Dreams
Sing of the stars, the broken hearts
Sing of love and end all the wars
Sing of your brand new cars

Sing for the kids and make them pay
Sing of sex, swarm out the clichés
Sing of crack cocaine

Sing for the charity, preach the rights
Sing for the deaf and act for the blind
White lines hinder the outline

Art is a product
You should buy mass product, figurehead product



Fulfilled dreams full of filth

Play at the playback, live at the Oprah
Live on the iPod, live at the facelift
Play for your dump pit

Buy the new
Try the favour
Buy the spin-offs
The Wonka flavours
Buy golden layers

The top ten at the perdition
A beautiful head eraser

Cover the Beatles
Praise Jesus
Slave's contract
Satan's signature
Hype gave birth
To your hypershit
Track Name: A Plastic Song
This view won't get old
It's a scene from a plastic song
Pretty sixties, sickly sweet
Hollywood on my tongue will bleed

This structure is sick but there's no leak
It's only five days
This structure is sick but there's no leak
Then I fall into bliss

More a junkie than a man
Brain burst on a boiling pan
Japan flag in the shape of sheets
But it's someone else who blinks
Track Name: Tunguska
Linger in the softness
Get the posture right
Pull everything back
And feel the ritual glide

Here is all you need
All the gentle vibes
Violent dedication
And all the nicest lies

Pierce the dusk
You rusty blade
Face your expiration date

Sore voice of the prize flesh
Rapture in a kiss
In the arctic circle
Warm is all you miss

Capture all the splinters
Shame is your best friend
And you can blame the winter
Follow the common trend

Comfort will come
By the time
The antichrist in white

All the smokes
Lit in the action
None left for the snowy road

Morning light
Reflecting the fracture
A lonely walk is always cold
Track Name: In Versailles
Symmetric trees
In the backyard garden
Divine designs
These springs and fountains
A hidden path marked with odd flowers

Sinking deeper
You know where the willows bend
And where your nose
Bleeds of pollen
And you know that smell of an auburn stream

Stand now
Stay strong
Where the willows bend
Where it's always fall

In the graveyard gardens
For your nameless friends
And symbolic father

Planets collide now
Worlds collide

You will build something divine
Your own designs
Track Name: Pale & Sleepless
Poetic race
Made these fingers sore
Amputation got me to join a cult

And all the letters, they were deformed
The pen that slipped aside bit off my tongue

There were twelve too many steps
I lose the grip
Hands sweat
Bullets fly down my thin white neck
There were twelve too many steps
So I lose the grip
Hands fail
Bullets make me

Pale and sleepless
Crumbling through this
Vapor trail
With these pale hands
Too see if the ink still hurts
On the paper veil

Two black pages and seven of twenty-fours
This sleepy death sentence is neutralizing my thoughts
The one was fool, the other forced
At the downward steps the cap got lost
I lose the grip, hands sweat
Bullets fly down my thin white neck
So I lose the grip
Hands fail
Bullets make me
Track Name: Chicomoztoc
A face moves in the strangest twists
Patterns on canvas and leather fists
Revolution in black lists
Everything wrong in every head
Cold war in every bed
For none is blood shed

Curtains down, the lanes are closed
The border's now at Rocket Coast
A new day appears in a blue glow
All the thrones responsible of our throes
Behind the bulletproof walls
Fostering inhuman forms

In comedic ways they react to their numbered days
A verity will be replaced with forced public claims
Black moving in the canvas eyes
This is death and it's authorized
Here is nothing left to compromise
Nothing left to neutralize

Thousands of years
In a single fray
In shining clay
Track Name: Focus Bay
These words in a proper context
When you fill in the blank
It's a search of a promise
When we shake our hands

With this red rush

Focus Bay
The oceans stay
And wait for you when you come back home
Lay awake
In heavy rain
And come back when you can't let go

This space in a proper context
When you leave in the blank
Drags me into mind's sunset
And the sun is burning black

With this mantra